Hey hey! Kim and Kyle here, the people behind the cameras.  Fort Collins, Colorado is our home. We met in 2020 over some Music City Hot Chicken and camera "gear nerd" talk.  We've spent nearly every day together since and got engaged in the same year with a wedding planned for Summer 2022 in Crested Butte during the wildflower festival!

Kim has been shooting weddings and portraits professionally since 2015.  Kyle has long enjoyed landscape and travel photography as a serious hobby.  In our spare time we are exploring this beautiful state we call home in our 80-series Toyota Land Cruiser, better known as "Landy".  We get excited when we can drop a pin on a new incredible location to share with our clients and in our photos.

Wild Fern is our passion project.  We wanted to combine Kyle's love of the rugged Colorado landscape with Kim's eye for portrait photography.  Our goal is to keep this business small and close to our hearts.  We started Wild Fern for the sake of sharing our talents and experiences with people who will truly appreciate the journey as well as the art. 

We shoot the same camera bodies with different lenses so you'll get multiple perspectives but the colors and feel of the photos are all cohesive and perfect. Our work together is seamless, and the result are incredible.  

We've been ecstatic to be writing this story together and can't wait to hopefully be a part of yours!

-Kim and Kyle






Full disclosure. This is written by Kim….about Kyle.

When Kyle and I first met, photography was one of our first talking points.  We are both gear nerds, and although Kyle was a self-identified hobbyist, he was really freaking GOOD!  We quickly bonded over the superiority of mirrorless cameras, prime lenses, and spectacular light. Unlike most other people I've met that are "into landscape photography", he impressed me!  The images he showed me looked unreal, they were so serene and immediately got me asking where the heck he was.  Turns out, you need a heavily modified 4-wheel drive, a lot of guts, and definitely no fear of heights to go where he's gone. 

When we aren't out exploring and taking epic photos, you can find Kyle tinkering with his prized 1997 FJZ80 series Land Cruiser, practice-wheeling with his RC crawler over homemade obstacles in our yard, or struggle-snuggling our cats while watching really nerdy YouTube videos about overlanding. Always with his signature hat on his head, ice-cold IPA in hand, and smile on his face, Kyle is the epitome of the Colorado dude.  Kyle has been a mechanic since 2006, which keeps my peace of mind in tact when cruising around in the middle of nowhere. 



what we do



Full disclosure. This is written by Kyle….about Kim.

I remember the first time I thought I looked great in a photo.  It was when we first started dating, and Kim would snap photos of me. Oftentimes they were just quick phone shots while out on a date, because she liked my smile. When we were out location scouting, she’d have me stand and direct me to pose. The results were always flattering and beyond my expectations, it just felt so easy dealing with someone who obviously knew what she was doing. Considering I was always the one behind a camera, it was the first time it felt natural to be in front of it.

She loves horses and has been teaching riding lessons and competing in show jumping for most of her life. Kim moved to Fort Collins in 2011 for graduate school at Colorado State, where she completed a masters degree in Psychology and started what would eventually become Wild Fern Photo Co in 2015.

Always smiling and calm, Kim is goal focused and a great director while still feeling friendly and fun. I’ve seen her work with young children, high schoolers, families, and couples and she adapts to every situation effortlessly. Her shooting style is fast paced and fun. Not the typical stand there and stare unnaturally trying to hold a pose until you look stiff and your eyes glaze over. She has a great eye for your most flattering angles and is able to direct you from pose to pose quickly with helpful suggestions to make you look your best.

 We met in 2020 and fell in love. We bought our first house together and have been enjoying styling it to feel like home. Kim has been building our home bar and enjoys making excellent fancy restaurant style cocktails. I’ve never seen someone so excited to get perfectly styled glassware and garnish a drink with leaves from her own herb garden. To her, the details are everything. We both snowboard in the winter and rode the best snow either of us has seen in Steamboat this last winter. We went paragliding in Telluride while on a 4wheeling trip last summer and both of us want to dive into lessons and licensing to fly on our own someday soon.

I’d keep gushing about how great she is but am trying to keep things to the point. Kim is a great person and an even better photographer… wait… other way around?....hmmmm. Incredible person AND photographer. You’ll be so glad to have her working on your special day or on any project you care about.


May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view.
May your mountains rise into and above the clouds.
- Edward Abbey  

Photography is more to us than a paycheck.  We only shoot a handful of projects each year, with plans for photography to stay a lifelong passion for us both.  We are REAL people behind the scenes, and we promise to make you laugh while we make images you'll love.  This is no JC Penney portrait studio - expect to hike out, make out, and leave with some sick photographic evidence of our adventure together.


the gear

there's no secret to what's in my camera bag 


let's talk

quality matters

For all the gear nerds out there like us, we love to share the brands we love and trust. We shoot Z-series mirrorless digital cameras, the latest and greatest innovation from industry staple Nikon.  Mirrorless systems offer unparalleled dynamic range, focus systems, and low light capability, resulting in stunning images no matter the conditions.  Paired with the longstanding technology behind Nikkor's top of the line prime portrait lenses and Nikon speedlights, we are packing a technical dream team to every wedding.  We travel with Pelican cases and Lowepro backpacks to be sure all of our gear makes it through our adventures safe and sound.  We only shoot with the best, and it certainly shows in our photos.